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Next Workshop - 19th Oct

What you’ll learn?

Here’s what all you’re going to discover:
Day 1 – Learn to share a story vividly and write a script.
Day 2 – Record a voice-over and collect pictures relevant to the narration.
Day 3 – Create a Video using a mobile application and share your message.
Imagine if you could learn how to make videos easily and quickly
·       WITHOUT investing in expensive software and gadgets.
·       WITHOUT depending on complex applications.
·       WITHOUT any facing the camera.
·       WITHOUT any prior knowledge on video editing.
·       WITHOUT any experience of story-telling.

If you can just start creating videos, there will be a Change in your mindset, a Dramatic shift in the trajectory of your business & you can take your life and business to the next level which you can only dream of now.
Learning & mastering it will help you to:
·       Have flourishing & fulfilling business
·       Get a perfect upgrade/upskill
·       Find your Voice
·       Share your Story and
·       Recognition that you have been always seeking for!

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